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Genomic Sequencing Study Overview

Geisinger Health System is partnering with Regeneron, a leading biopharmaceutical company, for a new, long-term, large research study.

Significance of Genomic Research

Genetic research holds great promise to increase understanding of the causes of diseases, disorders, and medical conditions - including conditions that today have limited or no treatments available. By comparing genetic information against medical histories, Geisinger and Regeneron hope to eventually develop new means of diagnosing, preventing, and/or treating medical conditions - before they cause significant harm. Some participants may also receive information that could be useful in their own medical care.

This study is aligned with Geisinger's focus on innovative research to help patients in our communities - as well as improve healthcare for patients across the nation and worldwide.

Geisinger's Goal and Role

Geisinger's goal is to offer research opportunities and benefits to all members of the Geisinger community. To date the participation rate for MyCode has been very high and we anticipate continued interest, making it possible to reach our initial goal of 100,000 participants. We're encourage all members of the Geisinger community to participate.

Geisinger will collect blood samples from consenting participants, along with relevant medical information. Regeneron will perform genomic analysis on the samples - in the hopes of identifying new information on genetic variants that may be associated with specific diseases and health conditions.

All samples and records will be confidential - with personal information removed and all data scrupulously maintained through Geisinger's secure MyCode Community Health Initiative repository.

Geisinger Health System,including the Geisinger Health Plan, upholds the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) of 2009 in employment and in insurability and ensures that genetic information is not used in a discriminatory way.