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For Patients

Participation in the Genomic Sequencing Study and all other Geisinger research is entirely voluntary. Geisinger wants participants to fully understand and be comfortable with the research and their role before consenting to participate. This website provides basic information. The consent form provides additional information. If you have any questions or want additional information, you may review the Frequently Asked Questions, or speak to a research staff member call 855-636-0019 or email.

Participating in Geisinger Research

Geisinger is focused on research that improves health and healthcare - not only for Geisinger patients, but also for patients nationally and globally. Geisinger is committed to the highest standards of medical ethics, and patient safety and privacy.

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews our research studies and consent process. The IRB is composed of independent medical experts and community representatives with in-depth understanding of ethical issues surrounding medical research.

All participation in Geisinger research is completely voluntary. Any patient interested in participating in the Genomic Sequencing Study or other research projects is given clear and complete information about the study, and access to a trained research assistant who can answer any questions regarding the consent process, or the research.

The full consent form provides additional information.