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CSO Message

Message from David H. Ledbetter, PhDd_ledbetter 

Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer

Why is research important to Geisinger? We have made tremendous progress at Geisinger in the last 10 years in improving patient outcomes and reducing the total cost of care by a series of innovative programs, this improvement has come through the systematic application of current “best practice” guidelines. Research is key to the development and implementation of the next generation of best practices with the goal of disease prevention as well as improved outcomes across a broad spectrum of clinical areas.

In 2009, we began a comprehensive Research Strategic Planning process which confirmed and elevated the role of research in Geisinger’s mission. It emphasized research that improves health and healthcare - not only for our own patients, but also patients nationally and globally through scholarly publications and presentations. Our board and leadership challenged us to conduct research that can be uniquely done at Geisinger – leveraging our high quality patient care, fully integrated healthcare system, large, stable patient population, advanced electronic health record, and clinical data warehouse.

The theme of our Research Strategic Plan is Personalized Healthcare Research. We seek to develop and test innovative approaches that will enable us to identify the unique differences between patients - genetic, environmental, or social - so that each patient receives the 'right care at the right time in the right way' to increase quality and improve outcomes.

We encourage and support a broad range of research topics throughout our clinical enterprise as well as in our research centers and institutes. We especially encourage collaborative “team science” approaches to solving the biggest problems in healthcare. I look forward to working with you all to accelerate our progress on these ambitious goals.