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Research Timeline

History of Research at Geisinger

1915 — Abigail Geisinger founds Geisinger Clinic and appoints Dr. Harold Foss as hospital's first director.

1920 — Dr. Foss asserts that Geisinger's most urgent needs include equipment and a laboratory of research.

1916 — Research concentrates on diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and kidney disease.

1927 — Geisinger physicians treat sufferers of Bright's disease with a "liberal diet influenced by their natural appetites."

1931 — Medical Library is first to be organized at a hospital in the area.

1941 — Under the direction of Roy E. Nicodemus, MD, physicians present original work on the use of oxygen in the treatment of eclampsia.

1952 — Research Laboratory, the first in the area, is established.

1960s — Research programs diversify focusing on cancer, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, Whipple's disease, and nuclear medicine.

1962 — Establishment of the Institute for Medical Education and Research.

1966 — First US National Institutes of Health grant is awarded to Charles A. Laubach, MD, for his Coronary Drug Project; other Geisinger investigators receive funding from the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

1971 — Center for Health Services and Research and Development begins full operation.

1970s — Ground-breaking research include the Propranolol Myocardial Infarction Study, the immunotherapy of lung cancer, and Dr. Christine Smull's work that proved the Pasteurella multocida infection could have human hosts.

1980 — Persantine Aspirin Reinfarction Study receives a $248,000 grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

1982 — Geisinger endows $7.5 million to support Geisinger research; the number of research projects top 100.

1983 — Geisinger Clinical Oncology Program receives a $250,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute through the Community Clinical Oncology Program.

1985 — Groundbreaking for Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research.

1986 — Appointment of Howard Morgan, MD, as Weis Center's first director.

1990s — Total number of citations for Weis Center scientists from 1990-1995 total 8,035; all senior scientists are "highly cited."

1992 — Geisinger researchers are engaged in over 450 active projects.

1999 — Clinical Trials Office established.

2000 — David J. Carey, PhD, succeeds Dr. Morgan as director of the Weis Center.

2003 — Geisinger Center for Health Research founded; Walter "Buzz" Stewart, PhD, MPH, becomes first director. Center emphasizes studies on population, rates of illness, and disability within communities.

2004 — Genomic Medicine Research Program initiated.

2006 — Geisinger Center for Clinical Studies founded; Peter Berger, MD, serves as Center's first director.  Center focuses on increasing the number of studies that test new drugs, devices and techniques.

2006 — Judith Argon recruited as Geisinger's first Chief Administrative Officer for Research to help promote the growth of research system-wide and develop the infrastructure to sustain it.

2007 — $21 million Henry Hood Center for Health Research building opened, a state-of-the-art "green" building.

2008 — Geisinger's Obesity Institute founded.