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Weis Center for Research

weis center for researchThe Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research provides a focus for laboratory research and research training for the Geisinger Health System, and supports the clinical staff in their research programs.

The Weis Center, located on the campus of the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA, contains 65,000 square feet of laboratories well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, conference areas, offices, and informal meeting areas.

The primary mission of the Weis Center is to conduct original and innovative research that contributes new knowledge to biomedical science. Ongoing research programs investigate a range of topics in cardiovascular biology, cancer and other areas, with a focus on molecular and cellular mechanisms. A significant fraction of the research carried out in the Weis Center is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

A second important function of the Weis Center for Research is to conduct research training and education. Postdoctoral fellows, residents and clinical fellows receive rigorous training in modern cellular and molecular biological research.

The Weis Center also provides hands-on research experience for highly qualified undergraduate students through its summer intern program. The Weis Center also serves as a resource for advanced biomedical technology and expertise for local colleges and universities.

weis center for researchThe Weis Center enhances the quality of medical care that is available to the patients served by the Geisinger Health System. It does this by providing current scientific knowledge to the Geisinger Medical Center clinical staff, by facilitating the recruiting and retention of research-oriented physicians, and providing resources and facilities to promote clinical research.

A major new initiative of the Weis Center for Research is a program in clinical genomics carried out in collaboration with investigators in the Hood Center for Health Research and clinical investigators at Geisinger.

This will enable Weis Center investigators to tap into the pool of data that is being generated by large-scale gene mapping and sequencing projects, such as the Human Genome Project. The Genetics research program serves as a major source of translational research, and provides novel insights into the molecular and genetic basis of disease.

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