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Director's Message

david carey, phd, director, weis center for researchSince its inception in 1987 the Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research has been committed to its primary mission carrying out cutting-edge laboratory research in areas of importance to medicine. The Weis Center for Research came into existence as a result of the generous financial support of the Weis family and the visionary leadership of Geisinger President and CEO, Dr. Henry Hood, and the Center’s founding scientific director, Dr. Howard Morgan. The commitment to excellance they instilled is a legacy that we continue to pursue.

As with any dynamic and successful organization the most valuable resource of the Weis Center for Research is the individuals who work here. The Weis Center for Research is currently home to 11 Staff and Senior Scientists, 15 Research Scientists, and several dozen research technicians, postdoctoral fellows, and support staff. These dedicated individuals are conducting important basic and translational research in cardiovascular biology, cancer, neuroscience, obesity and other areas. An important aspect of these research activities is the highly collaborative environment, which fosters multi-disciplinary research involving Weis Center scientists as well as clinical investigators and other scientists from within the Geisinger Health System. 

The mission of the Weis Center for Research is accomplished through activities in three main areas: research, science education, and community service. In pursuing creative avenues to further these activities the Weis Center for Research and its staff make valuable contributions to the larger scientific community and provide a unique resource for the local community and region. 

I invite you to learn more about the Weis Center for Research. Information on our research programs, science education outreach programs, and other activities, as well as information on how to contact us is available through this website.

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David J. Carey, Ph.D.
Associate Chief Research Officer, Director, & Senior Scientist, Weis Center for Research