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The MyCode™ Community Health Initiative is a Geisinger system-wide biobank designed to inform, consent, collect and store blood and other samples for broad research use by Geisinger researchers and approved collaborators outside of Geisinger. All samples are linkable to data in Geisinger's EPIC electronic medical record system and clinical data warehouse to enable research uniquely possible at Geisinger.

The initial MyCode™ has been widely accepted by the Geisinger community including patients, clinicians and staff. Approximately 90% of Geisinger community members invited to participate provided consent and agreed to broad research use of their biological samples and medical records. Most participants state they are participating for the benefit of others with a special focus on their children and/or grandchildren. The long-term goal is to invite all members of the Geisinger community to participate.

In 2013 the MyCode™ project was expanded to include pediatric patients and consent to link parents and children for long-term research. To date biobank samples have been used for genetic and biomarker studies related to heart disease, obesity and related clinical symptoms (metabolic disease), cancer, pharmacogenomic studies (how your body uses certain drugs), rare genetic disorders including autism and other disorders.

In October 2013 MyCode™ was expanded to the MyCode™ Community Health Inititative. Changes included and expanded IRB-approved consent to discuss exome and genome sequencing, return of actionable results, and placement of results in the electronic medical record to allow improved treatment and care.

For more information about the MyCode™ Community Health Initiative and the biobank, contact the Project Coordinator (Sam Fetterolf) at or 1-855-636-0019.