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History of the Weis Center

The Mission

research building 1915Experimental Research Building, 1915
"The greatest importance of research cannot be overestimated"
 Harold Foss, MD, Chief of Staff and Surgeon-in-Chief
 George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital

Continuing the Mission:


weis center for research 1987 Weis Center for Research, 1987 
"It is our hope and belief that our basic research will add to man's knowledge and ... enhance the national reputation that Geisinger already enjoys."
 Sigfried Weis, Benefactor

 Looking to the Future:


henry hood center for health research 2007Henry Hood Center for Health Research, 2007
"By utilizing our integrated healh care delivery system and our advanced electronic health record we are able to pioneer new models for research that work to translate basic science to clinical knowledge. "
 Glenn D. Steele Jr., MD, PhD , President and Chief Executive Officer

Timeline of the Weis Center