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Nucleic Acid & Microarray Core

nucleic acid microarrayThe ability to analyze nucleic acid molecules in biological samples has become an essential element of biological research. The Weis Center for Research  possesses the following instrumentation and expertise for nucleic acid analysis:

  • Genotype and quantitative PCR analysis – Genotype analysis of SNPs and other variants and quantitative real-time PCR analysis is carried out using TaqMan and other assay platforms; there are four Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems and one TaqMan Open Array Genotyping System. Roche Light Cyclers are also available for quantitative PCR assays.
  • DNA extraction – A QiaSymphony SP DNA Robot from Qiagen is used for automated DNA extraction from blood, saliva, and other biologial samples.
  • DNA sequencing – A Life Technologies Personal Genome Machine (PGM) uses the Ion Torrent semiconductor chip technology for DNA sequencing and generates up to 1 Gb of sequence data per run.