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Summer Science

We are sorry to announce that there will not be a summer science camp this summer, 2010.  Please check back with us january 2011.

 summer scienceDo your children enjoy:

  • Making discoveries?
  • Working together in small teams?
  • Exploring through hands-on activities?
  • Interacting with scientists? 
  • Solving mysteries?

If so, then they will treasure an experience at our summer science workshops. Our workshops are designed to promote a better understanding of science and its impact on everyday life and health. Located in the Weis Center for Research, Geisinger Clinic, children will explore science in fun and empowering ways in a real laboratory.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and tools, children will experience the discovery process that scientists employ in the real world under the safe supervision of practicing researchers and educators.

Fun with Science 5TH-6th grade

summer scienceWorkshops will run Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm, and will conclude with Parent Participation Day when children become the teachers and explain the week's activities to their parents. Upon completion, children will receive certificates of achievement. Click here for a registration form (.pdf) or call the Weis Center for Research at 570-271-6659. Each workshop is limited to 20 children and acceptance is based on receipt of a fully completed registration form with check for $75. This nominal fee will cover the cost of a T-shirt and lab notebook. Parents are responsible for transporting children to and from the Weis Center for Research, Danville, PA, and providing children with a packed lunch.

 Fun with DNA 6th-8th grade

Learn what makes you You! Trace your features back to the genetic material that formed your blueprint. Construct a DNA model and learn what makes humans both similar and unique.

Manipulate DNA as you participate in mock genetic engineering experiments. Observe genetic mutations in zebrafish and learn how they can be caused by changes in the environment. Specifically designed for this age group, this workshop will encourage critical and creative thinking, increase genetic literacy, and spark interest in the field of biotechnology.