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2006 Participants and Topics

From left to right: Kenneth McKinley (Harvard College), Joseph Julian (Susquehanna University), Kristin McIntosh (Lock Haven University), Matt Demczko (Franklin & Marshall College), Ellen Varner (Penn State University), Cody Rider (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Laura Halon (Bloomsburg University), Adam Satteson (Susquehanna University), Bethany Buckley (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Daniel Upton (Kings College), Lindsey Yurcaba (University of Pennsylvania), Erin Fisher (Elizabethtown College), Amy Jo Peasley (Lycoming College)

WCR SURP Topics 2006

Part 1: Identification of Biomarkers in a Mouse Model of Arsenic Induced Hepatic Tumor,  Part 2: The Radiosensitizing Effect of Curcumin on Prostate Cancer Cells
Bethany Buckley (Dr. Ahmed’s laboratory)

Analysis of BetaGamma Association Using Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation
Laura Halon (Dr. Berlot’s laboratory)

Post-translational modification of the calcium-sensing receptor by ubiquitin-like peptides
Erin Fisher (Dr. Breitwieser’s laboratory)

The Effect of Glypican-1 Silencing on Schwann Cell Migration
Joseph Julian (Dr. Carey’s laboratory)

The Function of Sarcoglycans in Schwann Cells
Ken McKinley (Dr. Chan’s laboratory)

HFE Mutations Are Not Associated with Obesity Related Hepatic Iron Overload
Cody Rider (Dr. Gerhard’s laboratory)

Gating Mechanism of Glutamate Receptors  
Matt Demczko (Dr. Mirshahi’s laboratory)

G Proteins and Exo-Rhodopsin 
Kristin McIntosh (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

G Protein Subunit Gamma 7 and Locomotor Behavior
Lindsay Yurcaba (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

Methods for the Enrichment and Identification of Phosphopeptides 
Amy Jo Peasley (Dr. Rothblum’s laboratory)

Investigation of the biological mechanism through which a mutation in the WW domain of PQBP1 results in Golabi-Ito-Hall Syndrome 
Adam Satteson (Dr. Sudol’s laboratory)

Transcriptional Program Affected by Rous Sarcoma Virus
Christian Gaffney (Dr. Sudol’s laboratory)

Stress-Induced Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Degradation
Ellen Varner (Dr. Yang’s laboratory)