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2007 Participants and Topics

Taylor Anderson

Bloomsburg University

Tonya Ebersole

Penn State University

Michael McClain

St. Francis University

Olivia McGovern

Indiana University of Pennslyvania

Rachel Nicoletto

John Hopkins University

Chase Parsons

Grove City College

Megan Peterson

Bucknell University

Rahul Raghavan

Cornell University

Mehgan Susek

Kings College

WCR SURP Topics 2007

G gamma-subunits Show Differences in Interactions with GPCR in Living Cells 
Megan Peterson (Dr. Berlot’s laboratory)

Plasma Membrane Targeting Determinants in the Calcium Sensing Receptor Carboxyl Terminus
Olivia McGovern (Dr. Breitwieser’s laboratory)

The Regulation of Schwann Cell Cytoskeletal Organization by the Extracellular Matrix
Michael McClain (Dr. Carey’s laboratory)

Relating Genotype to Phenotype: FTO, INSIG, CDKN2A/B in an Obese Population
Mehgan Susek (Dr. Gerhard’s laboratory)

The Outer Pore Domain of the Glutamate Receptor Controls Channel Gating
Tonya Ebersole (Dr. Mirshahi’s laboratory)

Heterotrimeric G-protein Gamma 3 and its Phenotypic Effects
Chase Parsons (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

A New Model for the Recruitment of RNA Polymerase I: The Ability of Rrn3 to Bind DNA is Essential for Transcription
Rahul Raghavan (Dr. Rothblum’s laboratory)

Stress Induced Activation of Erk Kinase
Rachel Nicoletto (Dr. Yang’s laboratory)