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2008 Participants and Topics

Richard Albertson

Grove City College

Kyle Bartol

Bloomsburg University

Carly Elston

Cornell University

Kristen Epting

Susquehanna University

Daniel Esslinger

Penn State University

Katelyn Fritzges

Boston University

Benjamin Kuznicki

Penn State University

Nikita Nagpal

Penn State University

Clinton Orloski

Bucknell University

Stephanie Wilsey

Bucknell University

Allison Young

Ursinus College

WCR SURP Topics 2008

Low-Dose Fractioned Radiation as a Potentiator of Temozolomide in Brain Cancer Cell Lines
Nikita Nagpal (Dr. Ahmed’s laboratory)

Single Molecule Imaging Reveals Differences in GPCR Pre-coupling
Stephanie Wilsey (Dr. Berlot’s laboratory) 

Genetic Variants in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Disease
Kristen Epting (Dr. Carey’s laboratory)

Using Zebrafish as a Model to Understand and Treat Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Clinton Orloski (Dr. Gerhard’s laboratory)

Most G Protein Gamma Subunits Show Similar K+ Channel Activation and Subcellular                       
Localization When Exposed with Gbeta1 in Vitro Carly Elston (Dr. Mirshahi’s laboratory)

Expression of Gng11 in Cellular Senescence
Kyle Bartol (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

Investigating Molecular Mechanism of Golabi-Ito-Hall Syndrome by BiFC Method 
Allison Young (Dr. Sudol’s laboratory)

Regulation of Nuclear ErbB3 Expression in the Nervous System
Katelyn Fritzges (Dr. Tapinos’s laboratory)

Possible Roles of TNFaand NF-kappab in Angiogenesis
Richard Albertson (Dr. Tom’s laboratory)

Snx26 is a Cdc42 GAP and Interacts with HECT E3 Ligase ITCH
Benjamin Kuznicki (Dr. Yang’s laboratory)