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2011 Participants and Topics

From left to right: Back Row: Tooraj Mirshahi, PhD (Staff Scientist WCR), Nishikanta Elangbam (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Michael Bedrin (George Washington University), Jordan Sukys (Bucknell University), Matthew DeLong (York College of Pennsylvania), Amy Sudol (Cornell University), Katie Bredbenner (University of Rochester), Darrin Doran(Bloomsburg University) Front Row: Chelsea Mandell (LaFayette College), Emily Arner (Connecticut College), Robert Moyer (University of Pittsburgh), Kelsey Stayer (University of Pittsburgh), Amanda Pulsifer (Bloomsburg University), Elizabeth Stahl (University of Pittsburgh), Janet Robishaw, PhD (Senior Scientist WCR) and Gerda Breitwieser (Senior Scientist WCR).

WCR SURP Topics 2011

Molecular and Cellular Studies in Metabolic Disease
Kelsey Stayer (Dr. Argyropoulos’s laboratory)

Investigating a Dual Role of cAMP in the Regulation of IL-2 Production in T Cells
Jordan Sukys (Dr. Berlot’s laboratory)

Alternative Splicing of the Calcium Sensing Receptor
Chelsea Mandell (Dr. Breitwieser’s laboratory)

Characterization of Extracellular Matrix in Fat
Matthew DeLong (Dr. Carey’s laboratory)

Characterization of Oxidative Stress Induced Cell Senescence in Zebrafish
Katie Bredbenner (Dr. Gerhard’s laboratory) 

Profiling microRNAs in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Matthew Pahl (Dr. Kuivaniemi’s laboratory)

Alternative Signaling Pathways in Obesity-associated MC4R Variants
Michael Bedrin (Dr. Mirshahi’s laboratory)

Does GNG5 Signal via Complexes with PDZ Domain-Containing Proteins?
Amy Sudol (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

Gng7 and Its Role in Neuroprotection 
Nishikanta Elangbam (Dr. Robishaw’s laboratory)

The role of YAP in Hydra Regeneration
Amanda Pulsifer (Dr. Sudol’s laboratory)

Role of Antisense Transcription in Glioblastoma
Emily Arner (Dr. Tapinos’s laboratory)

Gene Changes in RBE4 Cells Exposed to Chronic Hypoxia or TNF- Alpha Stimulation
Darrin Doran (Dr. Tom's laboratory)

Exploring the Transcriptional Profiling of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm to Detect Novel Pathobiological Mechanisms
Elizabeth Stahl (Dr. Tromp’s laboratory)

Autophagy is Defective in DUI45 Prostate Cancer Cells
Robert Moyer (Dr. Yang’s laboratory)