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Introducing Rheum PACERSM

(Patient Centric Electronic Redesign)

Rheum Pacer doctorsWhether you call it evolutionary or revolutionary, Rheum PACER is changing the efficiency of today's rheumatology practice. The concept is simple: all efforts within a physician practice or clinic are focused solely on the patient and the patient’s needs. It utilizes an advanced IT platform to collect, synthesize, monitor and benchmark data about your patient...providing you with an almost instantaneous patient information dashboard.  

As rheumatologists we share a desire to provide patients high quality cost-effective care. We also want to work smarter – not harder.

With the incredible complexity of disease, lack of lab measurements linked to disease and growing medication costs, consider the advantages of a nearly instantaneous patient information dashboard at your fingertips.

  • Extraordinary patient care in less time without adding support staff
  • Rheum PACER is at the core of a smarter practice model


Geisinger's Director of Rheumatology Eric Newman, MD, along with colleagues from the Center for Health Research, have developed and tested a tool to involve patients more in their disease treatment and medication choices. The tool, an information dashboard, instantaneously synthesizes information on disease activity, trends and medications to help doctors and patients arrive at the right decisions involving disease management and leading to better outcomes. Dr. Newman discusses what Rheum Pacer brings to a rheumatology practice.

Rheum PACER provides

  • Activity of disease in the context of medications
  • Trends over time
  • Patient education
  • Concise electronic documentation
  • Platform for further research

Rheum PACER allows you to diagnose, monitor, interact, document, and educate more effectively.

Isn’t now the perfect time to rethink how you can work smarter - not harder?

For more information on
Rheum PACER,
contact Dr. Newman at 570.271.6416 or

Download Rheum PACER Brochure (.pdf)