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Allergy Services

Allergy Services

Take a Deep Breath

For hundreds of thousands of Americans, allergy and asthma symptoms wreak havoc on everyday life. The two conditions have different causes. But many of the risk factors—like weather changes and dust—are the same. And keeping those under control can really improve your quality of life!

Action Plan

Our allergy and asthma specialists devote all their expertise to developing an “action plan” that helps you through the day—and night. We recognize how disruptive—and dangerous—untreated symptoms can be.

We’ll help you breathe a bit easier with the right diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Allergy vs. Asthma, What’s the Difference?

Asthma has many non-allergenic triggers and causes, and can also occur in people who do not have allergies. If you cough, wheeze or have shortness of breath that is aggravated by seasonal or allergy triggers, you may want to ask your doctor or consider a simple lung function test to see if you have asthma.

Hives: That Itch You Can’t Scratch

Allergic reactions cause skin problems, too. Hives are large, itchy welts that appear on the skin. They can be from a bee sting reaction, a seafood allergy or some other allergic exposure. Skin reactions can be dangerous, especially if your face and throat swell.