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Allergy Services


Allergy and Asthma — Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Our specialists may perform a number of tests to determine the best way to treat your allergy or asthma:

Allergy Tests

  • Skin prick to check reactions to allergens
  • Skin patch to detect any delayed reaction
  • “RAST” blood test to measure allergy antibodies produced by your body

Treatment – Your allergist will work with you to develop an individual treatment plan. It may include:

  • Trigger avoidance – household changes to prevent exposure
  • Medications – oral and topical medications to prevent or treat symptoms
  • Immunotherapy to build resistance to allergens
  • Emergency treatment plans for severe reactions

Asthma Tests

  • Spirometry to monitor airflow and asthma control
  • Measurement of airway irritation by exhaled nitrous oxide

Treatment – At each visit, your allergist will check the asthma control and create an individual asthma action plan. It may include:

  • Breathing measurement
  • Trigger controls
  • Preventative and emergency medications
  • Self-monitoring at home
  • Review of medication delivery methods and devices