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Regional Anesthesia

At Geisinger, we are dedicated to the advancement of regional anesthesia and acute pain management to ensure the greatest safety and most effective pain management for our patients. With regional anesthesia, pain is blocked at the source. The regional anesthesia team is made up of specially trained anesthesiologists, anesthetists and registered nurses dedicated to the program.

Advantages of this method include:

  • Better postoperative pain relief
  • Faster recovery
  • Less narcotic use
  • And for some surgeries, less blood loss and less risk of blood clots

Different types of regional anesthesia include peripheral nerve blocks, epidurals and spinals. Ultrasound equipment is used to ensure the most accurate placement of nerve blocks for the most effective pain relief.

Some patients may be able to return home sooner after surgery by using disposable pumps to self-administer local anesthetic medication through nerve block catheters. Patients who receive epidural or nerve block catheters are monitored closely by an Acute Pain Service team, which includes an anesthesiologist and one of the program’s dedicated registered nurses.