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Audiology Services


Hearing aid consultation

Once it has been determined that a patient would benefit from a hearing aid, the audiologist will explain the different styles of hearing aids, how they work, and where and how they can be obtained.

Hearing aid dispensing

If a patient chooses to obtain their aid from Geisinger, a hearing aid will be selected and fit for the patient's specific hearing needs. Information and help in learning to adjust to a hearing aid is available through this program.

Assistive Listening Devices

There are many devices other than hearing aids available to help hard of hearing people in their everyday lives. Information and demonstration of devices such as phone amplifiers, special doorbells and smoke alarms are available.

Tinnitus Masker Consultation

Many people experience "hear noises" such as ringing or buzzing, referred to as tinnitus. Once it has been determined that there is no medical management for this condition, a patient can be seen by an audiologist for management of tinnitus through masking techniques, amplification and stress management referrals.