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How it works

Geisinger’s Center for Obesity Research has developed a groundbreaking algorithm to help predict personalized post-gastric bypass surgery weight loss for patients. The validity of this formula has been proven against the national registry of nearly 150,000 gastric bypass surgery patients. The calculation provides you with the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles for expected weight loss based on the national averages for people with your age, weight, and height.


registration pageRegistration Page
The registration page is displayed on the first app use only. It allows you to enter a pre-surgical weight, age, height, and a possible surgery date (this app can be used if you have not yet had surgery). This information will help in creating your personalized expectations for post-operative weight loss.






The home page is where you will chart your weight throughout your post-operative journey. These entries are stored on the device. There is also a chart displaying your current weight and BMI, and your goal weight and BMI which can be used as a reference point and for motivational purposes. The goal BMI is determined as the 75th percentile of expected weight loss after 24 months (based on your weight, age, and height pre-surgery).





graph viewGraph View
The graph view allows you to see a plot of weight versus time. It uses all of the previously entered weight/date pairs that were added on the home page and plots those along with the 75th, 50th, and 25th percentiles of expected weight loss to allow you to better gauge your progress. You can zoom in on particular points, and if you choose to, you can send a .csv file containing the weight/date pairs to your doctor.





goal chartGoal Chart
The goal chart view allows you to see where your weight should be after 6, 12, and 24 months. It will also display your personal weight (that you entered on the homepage) at these points once they have been reached in order to help you track your progress.






progress chartProgress Chart
The progress chart view displays a table of your previously entered weights and dates. It also includes the time since surgery (displayed in months and days), and total weight loss so that you can regularly see your progress. You can delete weights here if they were entered incorrectly.






profile viewProfile View
The profile view displays the information that was entered on the registration page. If a value was entered incorrectly, it can be edited here. Your BMI and progress are displayed here as well.