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Get~2~Goal, a free mobile application available for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets

iphoneGet~2~Goal provides those considering gastric bypass surgery with realistic, personalized expectations of post-operative weight loss. It also allows surgery patients to track their progress compared to these goals. 

Among other personalized features, Get~2~Goal allows you to:

  • Set realistic expectations of post-surgery weight loss at 6, 12 and 24 months
  • Record and chart your current weight and BMI, and compare it to your personalized goal weight and BMI throughout your journey
  • See graphical representations of your actual and expected weight loss to see if you are meeting or exceeding your goals
  • Send a file containing the your weight loss statistics to your Geisinger physician

This app was created as part of a partnership between Geisinger and Bucknell University.

For any support, questions or feedback, contact us by email at

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