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Barb M's Story

Barb M's story

“I lost 100 pounds in the first five months. My life has completely changed. I go on 15-mile bike rides and camping on the weekends.”

 “I was overweight all my life—as a baby and a teen—and I yo-yoed in my twenties and thirties. I had infertility issues, so I did the drugs and procedures for that and gained more weight. When I did get pregnant, I had three children in two years, so it became even tougher to find time to exercise. I weighed 323 pounds. I slept propped up on five pillows every night because of my sleep apnea and acid reflux issues.

I tried every conceivable weight-loss program. The doctor said that 90 percent of people who lose weight without gastric bypass surgery gain it back. I had the surgery in December of 2007. I weigh between 155 and 160 pounds. I walk so fast people can’t keep up with me. Before, I always felt like I had to prove myself. I’ve learned to listen to my body and to take time for me. Now, I’m comfortable with who I am.”