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Belinda's Story


“I developed diabetes even though I wasn’t obese. I had extreme health issues. I was on two types of insulin, taking 400 units every day — that was seven to eight injections. My liver was enlarged. My cholesterol and triglycerides were out of control. I was using two liters of oxygen at night for sleep apnea. I had neuropathy so I couldn’t walk. At 208 pounds, I hardly weighed enough to qualify for the surgery. But my other health issues were such a problem that my doctor actually told me I had five to ten years to live. 

My mother died at just 63 of complications due to diabetes. I was on the same path. In December 2008, I had bariatric surgery at Geisinger. Most of my problems were mitigated within 48 hours. My triglycerides went from 975 to 90. My cholesterol went from 250 – 300 to 167. What’s incredible is that I didn’t realize I didn’t feel well until after the surgery. I’m a Girl Scout leader and now I don’t shy away from things like rock climbing, kayaking or horseback riding. The surgery allows you to do all the things you’ve wanted to do but couldn’t. I think of it as almost a miracle. It gave me a new lease on life.”