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Clyde's Story


“I was taking 21 different medications and weighed 365 pounds. Before, I barely had the stamina to mow my own lawn. I would take three days just to do my lawn; now I do mine and my neighbor’s in about three hours.”

“I was diabetic, had sleep apnea and had many other medical problems. I weighed 365 pounds. I went to Geisinger on my own because I heard about their bariatric surgery program from people at my church. I went once every month for six months and I had to make group meetings. It gave me a chance to talk to people. It was obvious they wanted to determine if I was serious — not just about the surgery, but about changing my life. After the surgery, I lost 182 pounds. My waist went from 58 to 36 inches in a little over one year’s time. Out of 21 medications, I now take only three. And my Type II diabetes has disappeared.”