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Cancer Survivorship

Patient Stories

Cancer affects each person in a different way. Learn about the personal experiences of our patients—their perspectives on the challenges of cancer treatment and their journeys as they recover.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast cancer survivor Donna P. talks about her initial diagnosis, treatment and support, and involvement in breast cancer awareness activities.


Kim's Story

Numbed by the news of breast cancer, Kim realized she had to fight. Her family and the staff of Geisinger were there to lead her through.


Rosemarie's Story Part I

Cancer patient and clinical trial participant Rosemarie describes the discover and diagnosis of her lung cancer.


Rosemarie's Story Part II

Rosemarie explains why Geisinger's Cancer Institute was the right choice for her.


Bob Z's Story: Colonoscopy Screening

Bob Z. found out he had cancer through a routine colonoscopy recommended by his family physician. Bob is alive today because he followed his doctor's advice.


Jerry's Story: Prostate Cancer

Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Jerry's research provided him with an interesting perspective on his own treatment options. That research, in turn, led him to a new respect for Geisinger physicians.


Bill B's Story - Prostate Cancer

Geisinger physicians offer one local man advanced treatment for his prostate cancer - a treatment that targets just the cancer cells and leads to quicker recovery and fewer side effects.