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Heart & Vascular Institute

Heart Services

Geisinger Heart & Vascular Institute

The brightest minds in heart care. The latest leading-edge treatment options. And a commitment to the most innovative techniques to make surgery safer and recovery time shorter. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Geisinger offers heart services that can make a life-saving difference for you or your family.

Geisinger is a leader in offering the newest and most effective technology breakthroughs in the fight against heart and vascular disorders. The unparalleled collective knowledge and expertise of our staff of specialists ensures that our heart patients receive outstanding care.

Geisinger offers preventive, rehabilitative, diagnostic and both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for heart disease, including angioplasty, bypass surgery and valve repair.  With historically excellent surgical results, Geisinger surgeons are recognized as being among the best and most experienced in the field. 

Our cardiac surgeons have performed more than 10,000 cardiac operations since Geisinger opened the first open-heart surgical unit in northeastern and central Pennsylvania more than 40 years ago.

From repairing congenital heart defects to performing complex procedures for high-risk patients, our team approach follows patients through diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. In tandem with your referring physician, you can expect only the highest level of cardiac care at Geisinger. After all, it’s where other hospitals send their most difficult cases.

Women & Heart Disease

news Our doctors understand that women have unique risk factors for heart disease.

Level 1 Heart Attack Program

level 1 heart attack program At Geisinger, 90% of heart attack patients are treated within 90 minutes.