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Heart & Vascular Institute

Level I Heart Attack Program

Beating the Clock: The Level 1 Heart Attack Program

According to the American Heart Association, patients have the best chance of surviving a heart attack when they receive angioplasty – a medical procedure that uses a balloon to open blocked blood vessels – within 90 minutes of reaching the hospital. The goal of Geisinger’s Level 1 Heart Attack Program is to ensure patients receive that life-saving treatment – fast.  At Geisinger, 90% of heart attack patients are treated within 90 minutes (the national average is 55%).

The Level 1 Heart Attack Program achieves these results by partnering with emergency ambulance and helicopter services, as well as community hospitals, to streamline care so heart attack patients are transferred to receive angioplasty as quickly as possible. In fact, the average patient arriving to Geisinger Medical Center’s Emergency Department receives angioplasty in 42 minutes, and patients transferred to Geisinger from other hospitals average just 26 minutes from arrival to angioplasty - that's as fast as any hospital in the US.

Geisinger's Level 1 Heart Attack program was profiled during a recent Newsradio 1070 WKOK roundtable discussion. Click here to listen.

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