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Heart & Vascular Institute

Valve Surgery

TAVRFor patients requiring heart valve surgery, one of the most successful programs is at the Geisinger Heart & Vascular Institute. Our valve surgery program is recognized for treating a high percentage of patients with complex valve problems.

Valve Replacement

Sometimes, it's necessary to remove poorly functioning valves and replace them with either a mechanical or tissue valve. TAVR - transcatheter aortic valve replacement therapy - is a treatment that replaces heart valves via a catheterization procedure. When valve replacement is necessary, our physicians provide the most effective options that minimize risk and discomfort.

Valve Repair

Although it's more complex and challenging than valve replacement, valve repair provides a far better outcome and lower risk for the patient. That's why valve repair accounts for more than 80% of mitral valve operations performed at the Geisinger Heart & Vascular Institute; the national average is 30%.

And, when appropriate, we offer minimally invasive options that have yielded excellent results for our valve surgery patients.