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Care Management

Care Management

care management

Care Managers committed to the best possible experience

At Geisinger we understand that every illness or injury, no matter how slight, can affect the emotional and social well being of both you and your family. We know that there’s more to your than the illness or injury. Lots more.

We also understand that a patient’s life may be different after an illness or injury; and the effects often present unique challenges. On this page, you can learn about Geisinger’s comprehensive care management services and resources for people of all ages facing the challenges of injuries and illnesses.

Who we are

We are professionally trained social workers and registered nurses who are a key part of the healthcare team. We have expertise in helping you and your family cope more effectively with the challenges that often accompany an illness or hospitalization.

Our services

  • For new patients – Geisinger's care manager team helps facilitate communication between patient, family and healthcare team
  • Counseling & Support - Help families adjust and understand the patient’s illness or injury
  • Planning partner for patients, caregivers, families and friends - Work on transition to the return home or the next level of care
  • Connect to health resources that will help facilitate with continuing medical treatment

Contact us
Geisinger Medical Center 570.271.6263
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center 570.826.7398
Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre 570.826.3257