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Central PA Health Care Quality Unit

online courseThe Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU) works in conjunction with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Health programs in 13 central Pennsylvania counties to provide health care management services for persons with developmental disabilities. The vision of the HCQU is that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Pennsylvania are provided with the finest community services in the nation, assuring the best possible physical and behavioral health. Our purpose is to build capacity and competency in those receiving care and those providing care. The goal of the HCQU is to assure that individuals with developmental disabilities are as healthy as they can be and can fully participate in community life.

One way we can do this is to provide free health related trainings to caregivers so that they can better assist persons with developmental disabilities. We focus on individual outcomes, enhanced physical and behavioral health, and an organized system of care.


Laura Aungst, a HCQU RN certified in developmental disabilities works with Larry and James Gipple at Suncom Industries, Inc. located in Columbia County. The brothers are learning the importance of personal safety including stranger awareness, fire safety, and when and how to call 911.


  • Assure the basic health and safety needs of people in all licensed residential living arrangements are met
  • Assist in making caregivers in residential and day program settings more knowledgeable about health, nutrition, therapies, medications, and treatments
  • Gather and analyze information to improve services
  • Provide resources and locations of physicians, dentists, and other practitioners as well as access to other available health supports

Primary Activities

  • Provide health related trainings
  • Assess individual health and systems of care
  • Identify health care risks by conducting health risk profiles
  • Provide clinical health care expertise to county and day program providers
  • Assist case managers in obtaining better information about health issues
  • Measure individual outcomes

The HCQU does not

  • Provide direct or primary health care
  • License or regulate activities
  • Replace established community resources
  • Manage crises
  • Diagnose or prescribe medication
  • Provide direct consultation

HCQU Training

Healthy Outcomes Newsletters

HCQU Contact Information

Contact Us

Geisinger Community Health Services
Health Care Quality Unit
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822-2412
570-271-7241 fax


Lynn Libby, Director
(570) 271-5935
Lesley Murphy, Secretary
(570) 271-7240
Kristy Campbell, Data Support Analyst
(570) 214-4753
Patricia L. Patterson, RN, Training Coordinator
(570) 271-5159

To access HCQU nurses, dial: (570) 271-5001, then the extension.

Laura Aungst, RN - Ext. 9665
Linda Dutrow, RN - Ext. 9664
Carol Sumner, RN - Ext. 9421
Star Long, RN - Ext. 9423
Cheryl Callahan, RN- Ext. 9420
Sandra Corrigan, RN - (814) 574-7783
Toby Wolfe, RN - (570) 495-0666