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Healthy Outcomes Newsletters (.pdf format)

  • September 2014-Headache Basics, IFASD Awareness Day, What's the Link?, Learn the Lingo
  • August 2014-Power Walking Tips, Fascinating Facts About Tears, Stages of Overheating, Flying Hymenoptera, Positive Practices
  • July 2014-Five Common Food Myths, Tips to Feel Better All Day, 15 Cancer Symptoms for Men, Caring for Your Joints, HCQU Happenings
  • June 2014-Prostate Myths and Facts, Tips for a Healthier BBQ, How to Buy Pasta, Keeping Your Memory in Shape
  • May 2014-Healthy Weight Basics, Egg Head Quiz, Lose Weight Without Dieting
  • April 2014-Mumps, Snoring and Cardio Risk, 12 Tips to Dine Healthy, Allergic Reactions
  • March 2014-Shingles, What to do About Dry Skin in Winter, Annual Medical Exams
  • February 2014-Hypothermia and Aging, How to Stay Warm, Why Stretching is Great, Cold Weather Running Tips
  • January 2014-A Key to Reducing Stress, What's Eating You, 101 Stress Relievers, The Power of Portion Control
  • December 2013-Thawing Your Turkey, Healthy Holiday Eating, Body Mass Index
  • November 2013-Walking for Fitness, Cataracts, What is Atherosclerosis? Stuffing and Food Safety
  • October 2013-Do You Need a Multivitamin, 7 Tips for Buying Multivitamins, A Meal-by-Meal Guide to Cutting Fat, Zucchini Oven Chips
  • September 2013-Ragweed, Pollen, Diabetes Testing, Sources of Vitamin C, Ice Cream Ad Ons
  • August 2013-Why Swimming is Good for You, Generic Drugs, Sugar Substitutes, Whole Grains
  • July 2013-The Power of Napping, Sunscreen Labeling, Barley, Men and Aging Bones
  • June 2013-Turn Off That Computer, Speed Up Your Walking, Dealing with UTI's, When Eggs Become Unsafe
  • May 2013-When You Lose Your Voice, Fast and Feast Diets, Driving While Older, Gout
  • April 2013-Thirdhand Smoke, The Dairy Debate, Home Genetic Test, Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities
  • March 2013-A Crab You Don't Have to Crack, Strikes Against Strokes, Chocolate on the Brain, Sodium: How Low Can You Go? National Disablity Awareness Month
  • February 2013-Decline of Trans Fats, Sleeping Pills, Ginseng, Coconut Water Craze
  • January 2013-Doorway to Forgetfulness, Magnesium, Personality Types, Welcome 2013

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