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Our Services

Skilled nursing

Registered nurses assist patients in their return to home and independent living following an illness, operation or injury. Our nurses provide wound care, ostomy care, parenteral and enteral infusions, catheter care, comprehensive observation and assessment of medical and post-surgical conditions, medication instruction, assessment and evaluation of the patient's response to medical therapies, education of patients and caregivers for management of patient care and assistance to obtain the highest level of independence.

Home care

Home care aides provide personal care such as bathing, shampoo, nail care, oral hygiene, and assistance with the activities of daily living under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Physical therapy

Physical therapists help the patient regain the physical skills they need to conduct activities of daily living. Each therapist follows an individualized plan of assessment and treatment including rehabilitation and gait training to improve ambulation and mobility and exercise programs to relieve pain and regain muscle strength and joint movement.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy services include, but are not limited to, instrumental and/or activities of daily living; retraining and restoration of physiological function to facilitate purposeful activity; modification of the home environment for safety and independence; and education for the client, family, and caregivers to achieve an optimal level of functioning.

Speech-language pathology (speech therapy)

Speech therapists provide verbal and alternative communication skills assessment and retraining, evaluation, and appropriate interventions for chewing and swallowing disorders.

Medical social services

Medical social workers offer patient and caregiver counseling to provide coping mechanisms relative to medical problems, appropriate interventions to patients and family(s)/caregivers for home health needs and related consequences, and identification of community resources to meet financial and psychosocial needs.

Maternal Child Health Program

Home Care's Maternal Child Health Program provides care for high-risk pregnant women, postpartum mothers and newborns. Our specially trained registered nurses visit patients in the comfort of their own homes while providing care and education for moms, families and caregivers. Patients who are discharged from the hospital after the delivery may receive a visit from the Geisinger HomeCare staff to ensure that mom and baby are doing well.

Providing expertise, comfort and care for:

  • postpartum mothers (after childbirth) 
  • newborns
  • infants with hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice)
  • premature infants
  • infants discharged from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • high risk prenatal women