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Special Care Team

Geisinger HomeCare & Hospice Special Care is an in-home nursing service, provided to people with cancer and/or other advanced illnesses, who choose a curative treatment approach or choose not to embrace the hospice philosophy.

Special Care is for those who:

  • Have an advanced illness (cancer and non-cancer)
  • Need advanced pain management
  • Need advanced symptom management
  • Seek chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Need education on the hospice concept of care
  • May vary in age (infancy through adulthood)
  • Meet HomeCare admission criteria

Special Care Team nurses are:

  • Specially trained in advanced pain management
  • Specially trained in illness and symptom control
  • Highly qualified in administration of home chemotherapy
  • Experts in providing knowledge regarding the hospice concept of care and service
  • Caring and supportive throughout the transition period

Contact Us

Geisinger's HomeCare & Hospice Special Care Team
(888) 634-6715 or (570) 271-5598