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There is a light in all of us; we only need to share it.

Hospice volunteers are

  1. Caring people who have participated in special training.
  2. Neighbors who have a desire to help others in their time of need.
  3. Friends who have unique personalities and skills.
  4. Individuals who are trained to be good listeners.
  5. Community members who are sensitive to the needs of families.
  6. People who serve without financial compensation.

Hospice training topics include

  • Boundary setting
  • Confidentiality
  • Death awareness
  • Disease process
  • Emotional issues
  • Family dynamics
  • Grief symptoms
  • Hospice philosophy
  • Patient rights
  • Stress management

How a hospice volunteer can help

  • Sit with patients to relieve caregivers
  • Make friendly visits to the home
  • Run errands for the family
  • Do light chores around the home
  • Assist in taking patients out for a ride
  • Support grieving families in their loss
  • Provide assistance in the hospice office
  • Serve on advisory boards
  • Speak about hospice to community groups
  • Participate in health fairs
  • Assist with fund raising activities

Rewards of volunteering

  • Increased self understanding
  • Spiritual growth
  • New appreciation for life and health
  • Personal satisfaction by making a difference in a family's life
  • A sense of belonging and connectedness as you work together with others on the hospice team

How to become a Geisinger Columbia Montour Hospice volunteer

  • Call the Hospice office at: 570.784.1723
  • Fill out a volunteer application
  • Interview with the volunteer coordinator
  • Attend an 18-hour training session
  • Choose an area of involvement and join with us in serving the terminally ill and their families.