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VITALine Staff

vitaline referral logoWe are an experienced clinical team offering expert nursing and clinical pharmacy services with a supportive staff to manage all reimbursement, infusion supply and delivery needs.

Nursing Staff

vitaline nurseVITALine’s nursing staff is comprised of nurses with more than 100 years of clinical experience. Their clinical backgrounds, which are extensive, include experience in the following areas: med/surg, emergency room/trauma, research, mission work in third-world counties, pediatric hematology/oncology, outpatient case management, home health, cardiology, critical care and infusion nursing.

Owing to the strong clinical backgrounds and skills of the nursing staff, the case management of each VITALine patient is very thorough. Each nurse understands there are many factors that contribute to the successful completion of infusion therapy in the home, such as family support, ability to physically and mentally handle the infusion process and a safe physical environment.

Each recognizes the need to work as a team for the good of the patient, a team which includes the patient and caregivers, physicians, and the home health agency team.

To speak to one of our intake nurses, please call our local office toll free at 800.527.6249.

Expert clinical pharmacy services

  • Competent, experienced clinical pharmacists ensure accuracy and efficacy
  • Customized, sterile solution compounding in state-of-the-art clean rooms
  • Patient drug and medical history profiling prevents interactions and therapeutic duplications
  • Individualized pharmacokinetic drug consultations and care plans maximize the patient's treatment outcomes
  • Coordination of lab studies combined with care conferences provides prompt feedback allowing physicians to make timely treatment modifications
  • Ongoing therapeutic monitoring ensures planned outcomes

Comprehensive Clinical Patient Management

  • Experienced pediatric and adult infusion nurses ensure quality and continuity of care
  • Extensive patient and family education ensures proficient therapy administration
  • Ongoing care planning and clinical monitoring ensure therapeutic effectiveness
  • Immediate feedback in urgent situations keeps physicians in control of the patient's plan of care
  • Regular communication through care conferences keeps physicians abreast of the patient's progress
  • Management of intravenous catheter complications including 24 hour nursing and pharmacy availability
  • Coordination of care with home health agencies

Contact VITALine 7 Days a Week
Intake line Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm: 800.527.6249
On call line: 800.245.8767