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Every Smile Counts Program

The Geisinger “Every Smile Counts” program is seeking to change the culture for dental preventive care and oral health of children in rural central Pennsylvania.   

Initiated by Lance Kisby, DMD The Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children – Every Smile Counts Program, promotes awareness among parents, caregivers, health care providers and children themselves, of children’s dental needs. The process begins with pre-natal education to expectant parents on how to care for their infant’s teeth and continues with a dental check-up when the first tooth erupts or by 1 year, then annually.  

“We aim to change behaviors by providing preventive care education, aided by technology to assist with tracking when dental check-ups are due,” said Dr. Kisby. “My hope is that the bulk of the care provided with shift from restorative to preventative.”

Healthy Smiles Educational Video for Providers

The Healthy Smiles Educational video will help primary care and physician staff, residents and physician extenders/advanced practice practitioners to become aware of the Healthy Smiles project.