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Dental Services

Dental hygiene and X-ray evaluation

Regular dental hygiene is important to our overall health. Here, we provide excellent care for your teeth and gums through regular dental cleaning visit and X-rays, which can reveal tooth decay below the surface. No matter how careful you are, some plaque and tartar need to be removed with dental instruments or an ultrasonic device.

Dental extractions

Dental extractions and various surgeries (wisdom teeth, biopsies, impacted teeth, implants, TMJ) can often cause anxiety among patients. That's why our physicians are trained and knowledgeable in pain and anxiety control and have extensive clinical experience in a wide variety of anesthesia procedures. We use techniques to remove teeth as painlessly as possible and with efforts to always save supporting bone and gum tissues; important for maintaining suitable structure to later support the placement of implants, bridges, or dentures for the best possible functional and cosmetic results.

Most importantly, we will answer all your questions about your planned surgery and anesthesia in detail before the procedure begins. We are sensitive to our patient's concerns, and our staff is available to give all the support and attention you need.


Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry dedicated to the alignment and function of your teeth. Crooked teeth, an overbite or underbite, spacing or crowding between teeth, extra or missing teeth and jaw problems are common initial concerns faced by our patients. Children and adults of all ages are provided options that include the latest techniques and esthetic treatment choices. At Geisinger, you will receive personalized advanced orthodontic care tailored to your specific dental needs.

Restorative dentistry

Restoring natural teeth that have been damaged, decayed or lost can be accomplished with bridges and crowns. A bridge may be used to replace one or more teeth. A crown can be constructed to restore an individual damaged tooth back to its original shape. These restorations are cemented onto the teeth ("fixed" dentistry).

Root canals

Dentists use root canal treatment to find the cause and then treat problems of the tooth's soft core (the dental pulp). Years ago, diseased teeth or those with injured pulps were removed. Today, root canal treatment offers a safe way to save teeth.

When regular root canal treatment fails or if there is an infection in the bone or root, surgical root canals are performed. When procedures are done under the microscope or surgical telescopes, patients have minimized discomfort and swelling because tissue is handled so gingerly during these procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you have stained, chipped or misshaped teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be right for you. Our dentists can explore options suitable for you including tooth whitening, bonding, enamel shaping or veneers. Many times the most subtle change in your smile can make a dramatic difference in your self confidence.

Dentures or partial dentures

An important step in maintaining a healthy smile is to replace missing teeth. Dentures or partial dentures fills in the space created by missing teeth and fills out your smile. Dentures also help you chew food properly, and may improve speech or a sagging face.

Denture repairs

If your denture no longer fits properly, if it breaks, cracks or chips, or if one of the teeth becomes loose, it's time to have it repaired. In many cases, we can make necessary adjustments or repairs, on the same day. Complicated repairs may require that the denture be sent to a special dental laboratory.

Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral health and excellent dental care is part of our community commitment at Geisinger Medical Center - this relationship starts at age one for your child. We provide primary, comprehensive and therapeutic care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special needs. Our services include preventive care, emergency care, management of traumatic injuries, restorative dentistry, pulp therapy, oral surgery, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic behavior management, space maintenance, and orthodontic therapy.