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Laser Therapy

Geisinger provides pulsed dye laser therapy for removing portwine stain and strawberry birthmarks, hemangiomas, spider vessels and facial blood vessels, scars and more.

The laser delivers a beam of yellow light that is quick and powerful, removing blood vessels without harming surrounding skin.

Babies and Birthmarks

Even newborns can be treated with Geisinger’s pulsed dye laser technology. In fact, the portwine stains of young children will respond better than the thicker purple portwine stains of adults. Click here to Janet Weis Children’s Hospital Dermatology.

Laser tattoo removal

Geisinger also has a special laser for tattoo removal.

Amateur black tattoos are the easiest to treat and probably need 3-5 treatment sessions.

Professional tattoos, especially those with many colors are the hardest to treat and will probably need 7-10 treatments, possibly more.  Some patients don't experience complete clearing. Red and black respond best; other colors are not well removed.

Traumatically induced tattoos (such as ground-in gravel after a motor vehicle accident) may be covered by insurance.

Brown birthmarks, sunspots, and freckles can also be treated with laser.