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Otolaryngology- Ear, Nose and Throat


Head and Neck Surgery/Facial Plastic Surgery/Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

Since 1919, Geisinger’s otolaryngologists  have been treating a wide range of conditions of the head and neck, providing the latest technologies in diagnostic, medical, surgical, and rehabilitative techniques. We have board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists who collaborate to ensure the most comprehensive care.

From hearing disorders to facial reconstruction and removal of cancerous tumors, Geisinger otolaryngologists have leading-edge expertise. We command sophisticated, often minimally invasive techniques to help patients recover faster.

For nearly 100 years, Geisinger otolaryngologists have been bringing these treatments, technologies and programs to the people of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Key programs include:

  • Clinical Voice Laboratory – Since 1990, Geisinger otolaryngologists have been partnering with speech pathologists to aid in diagnosing throat cancers
  • Cochlear Implants – one of the first programs in Pennsylvania to offer this assistive hearing device to patients, Geisinger otolaryngologists have performed these procedures hundreds of times since 1988
  • CO2 Laser – For more than three decades, Geisinger otolaryngologists have been using minimally invasive techniques to remove ear, nose and throat tissue with minimal bleeding to ensure patients recover faster
  • Vestibular and Balance Center - this program treats vertigo and dizzy patients through our multidisciplinary approach and is one of few balance centers in the region