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Otolaryngology- Ear, Nose and Throat

Pediatric ENT

Geisinger’s Pediatric Otolaryngologists provide care for children with disorders involving the ear, nose and throat, as well as related structures of the face and neck. The department specializes in the evaluation and treatment of common and uncommon diseases of children including:

  • Ear disorders such as hearing loss, recurrent or chronic infections, mastoid disease, ear injuries and ear malformations
  • Throat problems including infections (pharyngitis/tonsillitis), enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids, and tongue/palate abnormalities
  • Nasal and sinus conditions such as acute and chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction and congenital nasal abnormalities
  • Neck and facial problems including congenital and acquired masses and malformations, infections, enlarged lymph nodes and salivary gland disease
  • Speech problems and voice disorders
  • Airway difficulties such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, breathing problems in newborns, tracheotomies and airway reconstruction
  • Foreign bodies of the airway and esophagus
  • Implanting of pediatric cochlear implants for children with profound or complete hearing loss
  • Implanting of osseointegrated hearing devices for chronic ear drainage, conductive/mixed hearing loss or anatomic abnormalities of the ear

Assessment and treatment of these conditions include:

  • Complete head and neck examinations
  • Office otoscopy (ear examination) using a microscope
  • Office flexible nasolaryngoscopy (examination of nasal cavities and voice box)
  • Speech evaluation including diagnostic endoscopy
  • Audiology and hearing assessment