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LASIK Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still need to wear my glasses after LASIK?
Depending on your age, some individuals may need over-the-counter reading glasses after surgery to assist with close up activities. Some patients elect to have monovision where one eye is corrected for distance and the other eye is corrected for close up activities. Monovision can be discussed further during your LASIK consultation.

How often does LASIK surgery need to be repeated?
The enhancement rate is dependent on your pre-operative prescription stability and the amount of prescription. The greater the stability and the lower the prescription, the lower the enhancement rate.

Does the procedure hurt?
Patients are given topical anesthetics (eye drops) to numb the eye so they experience minimal discomfort. 

How long does LASIK surgery procedure usually take?
LASIK surgery takes about 7-10 minutes per eye.

Will my insurance cover Laser Vision correction?
Most insurance companies consider the procedure an elective or cosmetic procedure and thus usually do not cover it. 

When can I return to work?
Most people return to work within two days