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LASIK Surgery

LASIK Procedures

Depending on your corrective needs and the shape of your eye, your LASIK surgeon will decide which type of LASIK procedure will be best for you. The type of LASIK procedure most commonly used by our surgeons is Custom LASIK with Intralase flap-creation.

The Intralase laser is a femtosecond laser.  This laser energy is applied to the cornea to create the LASIK flap in a blade-free manner.*

Custom LASIK is a procedure that includes the creation of 3-dimensional map of your eye. In order to obtain the most personalized and precise results, the VISX excimer laser will utilize this 3-D map to sculpt your cornea to the desired shape.

By using both the Intralase laser and the VISX laser, your surgeon at Geisinger has the most up-to-date technology to perform bladeless LASIK surgery on your eyes.

To find out if you are a candidate for Custom LASIK with Intralase flap-creation, schedule an evaluation with one of Geisinger’s fellowship-trained LASIK surgeons.

*There may be some unique situations, such as the presence of a corneal scar, when the Intralase cannot be used to create the LASIK flap, requiring the use of a microkeratome (which has a blade) to create the LASIK flap.