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Colon Cancer Myths

Colon Cancer 101: Exposing the Myths

Myth #1- Colon cancer is a man's disease
Colon cancer is not gender specific. It strikes both males and females equally, and is the third most common occurring cancer in both genders.

Myth #2- Colon cancer can't be prevented
There are several lifestyle changes that can help reduce your risk of colorectal cancer. Measures that will reduce your risk include increasing activity, don't smoke or drink alcohol in excess, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Myth #3- Colon cancer occurs frequently in all ages
Colon cancer can form in any age, but more than 90% of all colon cancers are found in people age 50 and older.

Myth #4- It's not necessary to have colonoscopies because colon cancer is deadly anyway.
Colon cancer is not only preventable, but very treatable if it is detected at an early stage. If found early and prior to spreading, the five-year survival rate is near 90 percent in patients with localized cancer.