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Geisinger’s gastroenterology team uses state-of-the-art techniques and technology to perform endoscopic procedures, which involve inserting a lighted tube/micro-camera into the body to diagnose and treat digestive conditions simultaneously.

Our specialists have wide-ranging experience, including:

  • Endoscopic ultrasound for staging and treatment of esophageal, stomach and pancreatic disorders
  • Interventional treatment for biliary obstruction, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cysts
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection, radiofrequency ablation (BÂRRX), cryoablation  and narrow-band imaging for treatment of Barrett’s esophagus
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, peptic ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Colorectal cancer screening and prevention

For more information regarding colonoscopy and bowel preparation instructions for this procedure, visit the link below. We take you step-by-step through the preparation and the procedure right here online, and in person before your appointment.