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Visitation Guidelines

Requirements for Groups or Individuals

We are delighted by your interest in visiting the Janet Weis Children's Hospital and by your generosity in wishing to help make hospitalization a positive experience for our patients. A puppet show, musical performance, craft activity, party, or visit from a celebrity or cartoon character means a lot to a hospitalized child. Your visit will be of greatest benefit to the children if the following requirements are followed:

  1. The Special Events Coordinator must approve all special visitors. Call 570-214-7577 with questions or concerns.
  2. Special visitors must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 and 17 years old you must be accompanied by an adult. Most children who are younger than 16 years old are not equipped emotionally to handle situations that they might see in a hospital setting. Visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. If a formal performance is given in the lobby, up to 10 visitors may be in the group. Individual room visits (ie. sports teams or special visitors) are limited to five people in the group. Activities in the playroom (craft activity) are limited to three people in a group.
  4. Visits are available Monday - Friday Sarah Hoffman, CCLS, Special Events Coordinator, will help determine what time is best for the visit. Visits are a one hour maximum. Visits are not available on weekends.
  5. Hospitalized children have limited attention spans and energy levels. Your performance will be best received if it is between 30 and 45 minutes in length.
  6. Activities should be easily adapted to include children of all ages and abilities.
  7. If media coverage is anticipated, make note of this on the "Entertainment/Visitor Contract" included in your information packet.
  8. Arrangements must be made in advance if you wish to have photographs of patients. Written permission of the child and parent on a Janet Weis Children's Hospital Photo Release Form is required. Mke note of the request for photographs on the "Entertainment/Visitor Contract." Photos of patients are NOT guaranteed.
  9. Because our patients come from a variety of religious, political, and social backgrounds, the content of any presentation must be religiously and politically neutral.
  10. Only preapproved toys or "Treasure Bags" may be distributed to patients. If you are bringing treasures, please plan on providing for 45 patients. No food or candy may be distributed.
  11. Performances must not include the use of latex balloons, fires, candles fireworks or knives, or other potentially harmful materials.
  12. Activities must not deal with threatening themes such as death, separation, abandonment, mutilation, illness, and/or medical procedures. Costumes must not be frightening, and faces should be visible.
  13. Anyone who has recently (three weeks prior to visit) been exposed to chicken pox or currently has cold symptoms may not have contact with patients.
  14. Only NEW stuffed animals will be accepted.
  15. Please respect patient confidentiality. Questions concerning a patient's medical diagnosis or other personal information are discouraged.
  16. Patient contact is allowed ONLY while under the direct supervision of a Child Life specialist or a trained children's hospital volunteer.
  17. Dress appropriately to visit the patients. Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. Refrain from wearing vulgar T-shirts, short shorts or skirts, low-rise pants, ripped clothing or sandals.
  18. No latex balloons, only mylar balloons are permissible in the children's hospital.

Please remember to call if your group will be late for their scheduled appointment. There is a limited amount of time allotted to each visiting group. We recognize the weather, accidents or other unforeseen events take place. Although the Child Life Department will do everything we can to try to accommodate late groups, this is not always possible. We would be more than happy to reschedule with you.

The day of your visit

  • The Janet Weis Children's Hospital is located on the campus of the Geisinger Medical Center at 100 North Academy Drive in Danville, PA.
  • Free parking is available in the visitor/patient parking lot, located at the East entrance. A
    shuttle bus will bring you to the Children's Hospital Lobby.
  • Upon arrival, please report to the Turtle Fountain in the Lobby of the Children's Hospital.

Contact information

Sarah Hoffman, CCLS - Special Events Coordinator
Phone 570-214-7577
Fax 570-271-5427