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About our hospital

child with nurse in hospitalAsk lots of questions

We want to make sure you understand everything. So be sure to ask lots of questions. We’ll ask you lots of questions too. The whole time you’re here, we want to know when you feel bad and when you feel good.

When you start feeling better, ask us about the special games and fun you can have before you go home.

Turtles and dogs in a hospital?

When you first come to the hospital, you’ll know that this hospital is just for kids. On our children’s floors, pretend flowers and butterflies bigger than you will greet you right when you get off the elevator. If you come to the hospital in Danville, see if you can find four turtles in the Lobby. They spray water into a real fountain.

When you’re in your room many of us will visit to check on you, to give you medicine, and care for you. Or, we might take you for a ride in a wheelchair or gurney — that’s a special bed on wheels—to visit other areas of the hospital.

And did you know that some of our visitors have four legs? more More