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Just for Kids!

dog in starWhen you’re in the hospital, we do everything with you — a kid — in mind. Every person you see is here to help you get better. We make sure that you have everything you need. We even have some things you don’t need, just because they’re fun!

If you’re under age 12 or so, explore this website. Like our children’s hospital, it’s made just for you.

Check out the boxes below for more information about your room, visitors, meals, and more. You can even watch a video about a boy who came here for an operation. more More


Young boy

Check out your room.
If you’ll be staying at our hospital, find out about your room and how we can help you feel better.  more Take a look!

pet iconVisit a four-footed friend.
Or a special dog can visit you. more More

Tommy- gurney journeyTake a trip with Tommy.
He had an operation here. Watch his video. more More

school iconSchool days.
If you’re in the hospital for a while in Danville, you can keep up with your schoolwork. more More