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Have some fun, or just relax.

boy playing chessWe want to make sure you get better quickly. Sometimes, having fun helps! Just ask your nurse about any of these activities.

You can do lots of relaxing things—right in your room.

  • Watch DVDs and videos
  • Play PlayStation 2 games
  • Hop on the Internet. We might even have a laptop you can borrow.
  • Watch TV
  • Read books and play with games and toys
  • Order up room service

When you’re feeling even better, you can:

  • Check out the Playroom or Game Room. It has books, games, puzzles, toys, videos and computers with Internet access.
  • Take a trip to the Outdoor Deck to get a little fresh air with an adult—so long as it’s good weather!
  • Want to connect with family and friends over the Internet? Ask your family to help you create your own Web page. We call them CarePages.

During holidays and other special events, special visitors come by just to say “Hi.” Some of our most special visitors have four feet! Yep, that’s right. Four feet. Check it out. Remember, our job is to help you get better. And we love our job!