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Check out your room

boys playing in room

At home, you might share a room with a brother or sister. But here, you have the room all to yourself. Your parents or another adult can stay with you, though. They might even sleep in your room at night—but you get to call dibs on the big bed!

Friends and family can also come keep you company.

Your souped-up bed

When you’re in the hospital, you’ll be resting a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Right from your bed, you can watch TV, play games and even talk on the phone.

Your bed is pretty cool, too. It has lots of special buttons. If you need something, you can press one of them to talk to your nurse. Other buttons will make the bed sit up like your granddad’s favorite chair. Or make it lie flat to sleep. Another button even turns on the TV and changes channels.

We’ve made sure you have lots of other things to do in your room and at special play areas down the hall. Check it out!