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Dedicated Physicians

physiciansYour priority is our priority: expert medical care for your child

For every child in central and northeastern Pennsylvania, we offer advanced services that are available nowhere else in the region.

Our dedicated and expert teams of physicians stand ready for your child. We bring expertise to:

  • Children who need serious and complex emergency care after an accident and at birth
  • Those with rare and serious illnesses
  • Infants through teenagers who need advanced diagnosis and innovative care
  • Children with chronic or long-term illnesses
  • Babies, even before they are born
  • Children who need annual check-ups, care during an illness, or referral to a specialist.

In addition to our specialized units in Danville [link 2: JWCH CH2 and CH3] and Wilkes-Barre [link 3: JWCH Unit in Wilkes-Barre], we bring many services into dozens of communities throughout the state. more More